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Thursday, February 9, 2017

BOARD of DIRECTORS 2017-2019




Therezinha Franca Kennedy

Therezinha was born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. As a writer, she has written many Distance Education courses. She taught Philosophy, Sociology and History for many years at different schools and universities. She has lived in Edmonton for the past 28 years and worked as a writer collaborator for "The Arauto of Edmonton,” a Portuguese newspaper. She is also a tutor for the Portuguese language at home and at the University of Alberta. A legal interpreter and translator, she has translated several books and documents. In addition to her passion for writing, she also loves to travel, dance, and laugh with friends.


Noemi Pinto

Noemi is from Bogota, Colombia and came to Canada in 2002.  She has a son and a daughter and two granddaughters. She finished ...