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Monthly Archives: APRIL 2020

Monday, April 20, 2020

The language barrier was heightened for Norma and her family as they moved to Canada from Mexico just as the Covid-19 pandemic began. Norma’s primary motivation for learning English was to help her children out with schoolwork as the immediate transition to online learning made it extremely difficult for them to adjust to school in Canada. Norma spent weeks looking for English classes so that she could support her family but had no luck as many organizations had specific requirements to admit people into their classes (such as being a member of a specific faith or ethnic group). Eventually, Norma found our centre, where our dedicated instructors equipped her with resources and lessons to help her teach herself English until in-person classes could resume. In just over a year, Norma is now fluent in English, has recently written the national broker’s license exam, and is on track to ...