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Pre-employment Training Program

Making Changes Program is a pre-employment, life skill orientation program with an English component. It is a two weeks program requiring four days a week or once a week for eight weeks for a total 48 hours.

Who can attend the program?

  • An immigrant woman who arrived in Canada less than three years,
  • has taken an English language assessment test,
  • scored at least a level 3 of the Canadian language Benchmarks (LINC).

The course offers:

  1. Counseling to help you find what is right for you.
  2. Opportunity to develop your English language skills.
  3. Opportunities in class to practice difficult situation, e.g. a job interview or proper telephone etiquette.
  4. Information about community agencies and services.
  5. Information about going back to school, returning to work, or changing your job.
  6. Continued support after the course to help you carry out your plan.