A Centre For Immigrant Women

Over 30 Years in Serving Edmonton

Volunteer Support Program

The Volunteer Support Program is the only program in the City of Edmonton specifically designed to serve immigrant women by helping them to acquire new skills in their new country, and eventually to secure employment of their choice in Canada.

Short Term Benefit

  1. Identify strengths and transferable skills
  2. Gain knowledge/skills and Canadian work experience
  3. Gain self-confidence and self-esteem
  4. Increase the number of contacts and friends
  5. Determine a path to best maximize foreign credentials to the local job market
  6. Use these opportunities to research choices and options for both appropriate community resources and employment options
  7. Improves volunteers understanding of Canadian culture
  8. Practice English and increased awareness of the Edmonton community
  9. Reduce isolation

Long Term Benefit

  1. Have made choices based on knowledge and experience that allows full participation in Canadian society
  2. Women occupy leadership roles in the community
  3. Women work in their own field or in a meaningful position
  4. Women achieve their goals