Over 39 Years in Serving Edmonton

A Centre for Immigrant Women

Changing Together is a non-profit charitable organization that was established in May 1984 as a resource and support centre for immigrant women, both citizens and newcomers to Canada.

Our Vision

Changing Together, through its services and research, will be recognized locally and nationally as one of the leaders on immigrant issues from the immigrant woman’s perspective.

Our Mission

Changing together is to help Edmonton and area immigrant women and their families overcome personal and systemic barriers that keep them from participating fully in Canadian Society.

What We Do

We Engage, We Empower, We Encourage

We operate a safe place for immigrant women to share, support and learn from each other as they adjust to their new lives

We help immigrant women to gain knowledge about the Canadian way of life and to access opportunities that will enhance the life of their families

We help immigrant women acquire employment, life skills and Canadian work experience through the Volunteer Program

We assist immgirant women and their families in accessing information and services in their daily live.

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